Web development by SLMax

To order a website from SteelLadyMax means to create an effective tool for the development of your own business, which will help your potential client go all the way from getting to know you to making a deal.


Why a business needs a website?

The modern business world is developing in a new format. Today, every entrepreneur runs their company not only offline, but also online. Thanks to the projects developed by our team members, you will represent your business in the Internet space, contribute to its prosperity, and improve economic performance.

Our development is people-oriented. The platforms have a clear interface, accessible to even an inexperienced user. To order a website from SteelLadyMax is to create an effective tool for the development of your own business, which will help your potential client go all the way from getting to know you to making a deal.

What do we develop?


Corporate websites

This is a way of self-representation, a “mirror” of your company that forms the first impression about it and its operation. It is a full-fledged portal where you have the opportunity to tell the world about yourself. The goal of such a web resource is to attract visitors. Such type of a website is popular among both large and small businesses.


Business card websites

A one-page website format is a low-budget fast-growing way to brand yourself and your services. It is a perfect choice for startups, small and medium-sized businesses.


Online stores

Platforms provide increased sales and reduced costs. To develop an online store means to get an effective way to increase turnover and go beyond the usual locations.



Been thinking of a possible place for a large list of products? For this purpose, our team of experts will create a web page with a convenient search engine especially for you.


Landing pages

You want to attract attention of a potential target audience and improve your coverage, aren't you? Here, a landing page will come to the rescue. Such page is created based on the psychology of the buyer, which provides you with a persistently high conversion rates.


Promo sites

Such a tool is used for a quick product launching to a market, a successful brand PR campaign.


Used technologies

Experts of SLMax are proficient in plenty of technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, Node.Js, React.Js, MySQL, MongoDB, Laravel, WordPress, 1c-Bitrix, Bitrix24.

A technology for creating a platform is chosen taking into account your desires and market demands.

The members of SteelLadyMax's team will advise you on selecting the necessary platform type to meet all your needs.

How is the price formed?

For a preliminary estimate of the product cost, the following parameters are considered:
it can be a catalog, an online store, a promo site, a one-page site, a gaming site, an image-building site
can contain a homepage, reviews, a photo gallery, contacts
can be a template one, a custom one, a customer-provided one
of an online store including a product catalog, synchronization with 1C, a shopping cart, a feedback form
can consist of a currency and language selector, a calculator, specific performance boosting elements

How do we develop a website?

Before starting web development, our team:
  • - delves into the specifics of the counterparty's business activities;
  • - analyzes the features of the market where a product or service is being promoted;
  • - reviews competitors;
  • - conducts marketing research.
After that, a project with an individual concept is offered to our customer.
After some discussion and, if necessary, making corrections and suggestions,
the project is approved and comes to operation.
The next stage is design, programming, writing HTML code and website building. Next comes testing to make sure that all the features are correct. Then managers undergo training to examine the platform and the admin panel. Afterwards, the project is launched.
The final part is the promotion and technical support of the finished result. At this stage, the following processes take place:
  • - further development of the portal;
  • - changing content and tracking the relevance of the current material;
  • - CMS update;
  • - working with search queries;
  • - internal, external optimization;
  • - connecting metrics, tracking positions.

Why do people trust us?

For web development, promotion and optimization we use up-to-date technologies.
We guarantee the turnkey works – from concept creation to the audit of completed system.
We have a huge experience and feedback from our
satisfied partners.
Our team is
We stick to the agreed
deadlines and never break them.
The reliability of our methods
is time-tested.
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