Web design by SLMax

Design of a website is the first thing a visitor notices when they find themselves there. The appearance of a page directly affects the first impression of its company and its following perception. However, today you can't surprise anyone only with a beautiful picture. We develop designs that will be both user-friendly and representative for your company as the best one in the industry. Our team will bring your ideas to life and create its own unique visual content for your business.


We offer


UI development

User interface is not just an external picture that a visitor encounters. It determines usability, user-friendly experience with the feature set.

Logo and corporate identity

The name of a company is its heart, the logo is its face. Thanks to a unique graphic symbol, a customer distinguishes the company from its competitors. We are ready to offer you eye-catching and out-of-the-box ideas for creating such an image. Visualize your brand and make people recognize you!


Updating a website design shows a company's development and its compliance with the requirements of the present time, its relevance. Your customer understands that you are not standing still. The team of SteelLadyMax will do our best to raise your conversion rate and breathe new life into your website. We will optimize the ways of interaction with a user, add some services and widgets, update your data.


Especially for you, we will create a bright selling advertisement that will become an effective link between a potential customer and your business. The banners of our designers attract attention of the customers, contributing to boost in sales in various business areas.

What makes a good website?

Good web design implies simplicity, usability, elegance and clarity.

In any product, it is important to understand visual hierarchy, icluding its font, details, images. Well-chosen elements harmonize the picture, make it holistic, and therefore eye-pleasing and comfortable to use.

Original design is memorable, it is recognizable. Visual content can tell a lot about a company. Before developing, it is important to analyze the visual language of your competitors, study trends in order to avoid similarities, as well as be up-to-date. Beauty and aesthetics are formed by the right color scheme. SLMax specialists assess every possible color choice from a conceptual perspective. We take into account the line of your business, your visitor's pastime on the page, the style of your object, who your product is aimed at. All this array of information correlates with the color scheme.

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How is it created?

Terms of reference.

Our customer provides the following information:
- what their project is dedicated to;
- planned structure;
- brand book (if there is one);
- marketing research;
- planned content.

Sketch drawing and prototype development.

It includes creating some kind of a layout that visualizes how the finished product will look like. To do this, such graphic editors as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator are used. At the prototyping stage, it is easy to make adjustments and correcions.

The layout is given to a coder for the development.
Then a tester is connected to the project.

Once the testing is successful, we launch the site.

Advantages of working with us

SLMax Studio successfully operates in Belarus and CIS countries as evidenced by positive reviews of our customers. Our employees regularly undergo further training, constantly improving their skills. Order a website design from us filling in a form with contact details. The team of SteelLadyMax will be happy to start creating for you!